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Mr. Inappropriate

The Gags:
Gag #47

A wig from the close out rack. A little flesh colored spray paint. And a stuffy old couple. view Gag #47
Gag #16

How to land a high paying job with no experience.view Gag #16
Who is Mr. Inappropriate?

The character of Jonathon Chesney ("Mr. Inappropriate") and the "Gags" are loosely based on the feature film screenplay "MR. INAPPROPRIATE," written by Jeff Stein and Ashley Scott Meyers. The screenplay is a broad comedy about a directionless young man who's life revolves around a series of inappropriate skits and pranks-- or "gags." On the eve of his thirtieth birthday his parents give him an ultimatum: "get a job and a wife or you're out of the will." So Mr. Inappropriate goes out looking for an inappropriate wife and an inappropriate job.

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